Our First Learning Session

We had our first learning session on November 17, 2012 at Capital Preparatory Magnet School - 1304 Main Street,Hartford, CT and it was a great success!   A special thank you to Dr. Steven Perry - Principal at Capital Prep, John Soto - Gold Contibutor and to all of you who participated in our first learning session and we look forward to our next learning session in January.


The top three classes most attended were: 

Bullying/Cyberbullying and it's effect on children

Building Relationships within your child's school

Navigating the Hartford Public School system



Ivette Diana and Damaris Acevedo - HPU Facilitators                                                             HPU Parent Participants

Lourdes Fonseca - Achieve Hartford! and Jane Russell - HPU Facilitator                             HPU Parent Participants

Lois Barber - HPU Facilitator                                                                   Julio Flores and Milly Soto - HPU Facilitators / Parent Participants

Eric Robertson and wife/Grouped Together for Success - HPU Partners               HPU Parent Participants -  Enjoying Lunch!

Say “Yes” to Student Success!





HPU Learning Session


February 8, 2020



8:30am to 2:30pm


Kinsella Magnet School


65 Van Block Avenue


Hartford, CT 06106


Food, childcare and transportation will be provided