HPU For Parents

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What will parents learn during a Learning Session/Class?

The Hartford Parent University learning sessions are divided into five areas that engage and empower parents to become leaders, advocates and trainers for student learning and school improvement.

Parents as Teachers – focuses on providing parents a clearer understanding of the developmental process of learning, how to stimulate and support healthy intellectual and social development for their children and the teaching and learning approaches used in schools.

Parents as Advocates – seeks to build parents capacity to be a better advocate for their child, understand the learning standards and assessments, how to support learning at home and how to access resources to ensure their child reaches academic proficiency.

Parents as Leaders – provides parents with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to assume leadership roles in their schools and the community.

Parents as Learners – provides parents the opportunity to build upon their own skills for personal and professional development.

Parents as Trainers – provides parents with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to educate other parents as part of the Hartford Parent University.