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Hartford Parent Leadership Coalition

The Hartford Parent Leadership Coalition (HPLC) consist of parent leaders from the Hartford Public Schools Parent Organizations and School Governance Council parent members. The group meets monthly to discuss issues they believe are barriers for children to receive a high quality public education. They review/revise district policies and submit recommendations to the Hartford Board of Education standing committees for them to review and consider as they revise district policies.

The Hartford Parent Leadership decided to work to improve the following areas in collaboration with Hartford Public Schools.

  • Safety & Security

  • Effective Teaching and Learning

  • Special Education

  • English Language Learners

  • School Closings

  • Enrollment Cap

  • Inside School Suspension

    High-speed internet for all student who

  • attends a public school

For more information, please call our executive director Milly Arciniegas at the following number (860) 209-5522.


330 Market Street
Harford, CT 06120

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