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 Milly Arciniegas serves as the Executive Director of the Hartford Parent University. Born and raised in Hartford, CT and mother of two children, Gabriel and Ismael.  Milly Arciniegas served in the United States Navy for four years after graduating from Bulkeley High school and received her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Science / Business Administration from Troy State University in 2000.  Immediately after, she moved back to Hartford where she served as the Vice President of Technology for a private financial business for over ten years.  During those ten years on a volunteer basis, Milly Arciniegas worked with parents, teachers, administrators, district staff and the superintendents to increase parent engagement throughout Hartford Public Schools. From 2007-2011 she was elected by parents to serve as the Hartford Parent Organization Council President (a coalition of 45 PTO's throughout Hartford Public Schools). She and other active parents provided training/technical assistance to PTO parent leaders and parents throughout Hartford Public Schools and advocated for all children to receive a quality education regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds or where they lived.

Over the past two years Milly has worked with Hartford parents, community organizations, school leaders and educators to develop a Parent University model that is grounded in research and provides culturally relevant courses and pedagogy.


HPU Facilitators




HPU has trained 16 diverse parent facilitators from the Hartford community to deliver trainings to parents throughout Hartford Public Schools and the community. The HPU Facilitators have been active in their children's schools for many years, engaging and educating parents on the ground as they themselves took a variety of trainings offered throughout the community such as, Parent Leadership Training Institute, Parent Seeking Educational Excellence, AFCAMP/Padres Abriendo Puertas, Juvenile Justice System, and others.

The HPU Facilitators are also the parent outreachers who will continue to spread the word on the ground of what they have learned at HPU and about the upcoming HPU sessions/classes.

To connect to one of our HPU facilitators and inquire how trainings can be delivered at your child's school, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Say “Yes” to Student Success!





HPU Learning Session


February 8, 2020



8:30am to 2:30pm


Kinsella Magnet School


65 Van Block Avenue


Hartford, CT 06106


Food, childcare and transportation will be provided