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Who We Are!

We are dedicated parents / partners who believe when parents have access to the knowledge and tools they need to effectively support their children's education their children will be successful throughout their education and in life. 

As a result, parents will become engaged and intentional in expecting and supporting quality education for their children in ways that result in improved student outcomes and school improvement.

Our Goals?

The goal of the Hartford Parent University is to increase parent involvement in the schools and empower parents to raise children who are successful in school and in life. The objectives of the Hartford Parent University are to: 

  • increase the capacity of families to actively and effectively support their children's education; 
  • positively impact school improvement; and 
  • improve the quality of life in Hartford's communities.

Culture & Values


We seek out, listen to, value and ensure that the voices of parents are included in decision making.


We strive for excellence and innovation in all facets of the provision of services to the community.


We hold the board of directors, staff and volunteers to the highest standards of conduct and accountability.

Lifelong Learning

We seek to inspire lives through providing multifaceted opportunities to gain knowledge and understanding.


We work to ensure educational opportunities provide all students with the unique supports they need to succeed.


We recognize and appreciate the service, hospitality and generosity that volunteers, trustees, donors, staff and other constituents provide in sustaining the organization for future generations.


We establish and preserve mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations.


330 Market Street
Harford, CT 06120

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