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Our Mission

The mission of the Hartford Parent University is to mobilize parent power and encourage greater family involvement in developing a lasting learning partnership in which parents support their children in achieving academic and personal success, advance their own achievement and promote educational equity. 

Connecting  Families To Learning Opportunities

Hartford Parent University serves as a “one stop center” for parents to be aware of other existing/new programs being offered in the Hartford community that provides parents family learning opportunities. A schedule of offered programs throughout the community will be provided to parents during learning sessions and monthly classes. Any organization that would like to participate, please contact us for more information at

Together with Hartford Public Schools, community organizations and partners we offer families the following:

  • Four Saturday learning sessions a year for parents to participate in classes of their choice – Oct, December, Jan, April
  • Monthly classes at schools, libraries, community centers and the HPU parent portal
  • Graduation for parents who have completed the required classes – June

Hartford Parent University is free to all parents and care-givers.

What We Offer

Learning Sessions

What will parents learn during a Learning Session/Class?

 Parents will have the opportunity to learn more about:

• how to support their children’s learning at home and to access resources to ensure their child reaches academic success

• the teaching and learning approaches used in schools

• how they could build upon their own skills for personal and professional development

• how they can assume leadership roles in their schools and the community

The Hartford Parent University learning sessions are divided into five areas that engage and empower parents to become leaders, advocates, and trainers for student learning and school improvement. 

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Parent Testimonials


"I came to HPU program to help my grandson develop the tools he needs to create a plan for after high school, find funding for college, and learn how to organize his time to take on life's responsibilities."

William Ball and grandson


"I wanted my daughter to understand the American school system. We moved here from Puerto Rico not long ago. It’s been a big cultural shift for us.  The tools we learned through the HPU program engaged me more fully with both her teachers and school resources."

Nelsy Colon Vega and daughter


 "The HPU program has helped me be a better advocate for my children’s rights and become more confident in how to support my children’s learning. I see HPU as my second family!"

Samantha Pacheco and son


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Harford, CT 06120

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